2014 all-area wrestling: ‘Chili’ Sabin brings feverishness to matches

February 21, 2014

Bonney Lake High School comparison wrestler Jeremy Sabin’s hands and feet warranted him a nickname that has stranded with him given he was a tot.

When Sabin’s mom would feel his cold hands and feet pulpy adult opposite her after picking him adult as a baby, she’d playfully tell her effervescent son how “chilly” he was.

“I’d only start giggling and laughing,” Sabin removed of his reaction.

Folks around propagandize now know him as “Chili” Sabin.

Now a chiseled, 6-foot, 182-pound teenager, those same appendages have Sabin on a verge of becoming

Article source: http://www.thenewstribune.com/2014/02/21/3059631/chili-sabin-brings-heat-to-matches.html

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