Bay City soldier's drug problem began with bruise tooth while on active duty

August 27, 2012

While portion in 2002, he grown a unpleasant dental condition in that one of his front teeth had to be removed. After he enlisted in a Army in 2007, he started experiencing serious base pain in another tooth. He didn’t know it during a time, though it was a commencement of a prolonged slip into […]

Salute to Veterans: Man served as Army dentist

May 28, 2012

<!–Saxotech Paragraph Count: 20–> At a time, he was married with dual children. At Fort Lee, Va., he was commander of a U.S. Dental Activity from 1986-1989, overseeing 40 dentists and a sum of 120 personnel. “I had to answer to domicile and a post commander. We finished a goal and got a infantry prepared […]