Marilyn Monroe’s beginning portraits to be displayed during World Erotic Art Museum in South Beach

September 12, 2012

Norma Jean Dougherty, a 20-year-old brunette beauty, walked past Los Angeles photographer Bruno Bernard in Jul 1946 as he left a dentist’s office. He followed a immature lady and gave her his business card: Bernard of Hollywood. The subsequent day she showed adult during his studio, and he shot her initial veteran portraits. Soon after, […]

The things they say

May 4, 2012

“He’s not my dentist… It’s too intimate. His fingers in my mouth? That would be a bit too odd… Can we suppose your father being your gynaecologist?” Actress Eva Green can’t suppose job on her dentist father for an verbal inspection. Article source:

Say Cheese! See Lindsay Lohan’s New and Improved Smile

October 31, 2011

Lindsay Lohan showed off her new pearly whites over a weekend, only dual weeks after sketch courtesy for herArticle source:

Is Something Wrong with Lindsay Lohan’s Teeth?

October 15, 2011

Lindsay Lohan, call your dentist. The singer was photographed during a red runner eventuality in Los Angeles on WednesdayArticle source:

Jennifer Aniston ponders idol status

July 26, 2011

Jennifer Aniston thinks she’s a womanlike idol given she wears “hand-me-downs”. The Hollywood singer has won a multitude of masculine and womanlike fans given anticipating general celebrity on strike US radio array Friends. Jennifer, who is widely regarded as one of a industry’s many appealing heading ladies, is always confused about because women reason her […]

Raunchy purpose in ‘Bosses’ a depart for Aniston

July 9, 2011

NEW YORK — In her new film, “Horrible Bosses,” Jennifer Aniston’s impression is one we haven’t seen her play before. She’s a dentist who intimately harasses her assistant, finish with lewd dialogue, divulgence outfits and outlandish advances. She’s a latest singer to take on a raunchy purpose customarily reserved for men, following a new route […]

Charlie Day is good during personification a fool

July 8, 2011

The initial stage Charlie Day shot with his costar Jennifer Aniston on a set of a new comedy “Horrible Bosses” compulsory him to stretch out in a dentist’s chair as yet he had been unperceiving while a dark-skinned and frozen actress, dressed in lingerie, straddled him predatorily. “It was awkward,” Day said, recalling a stage […]

A Darker Aniston Debuts in ‘Horrible Bosses’

July 6, 2011

abcdm.abccom.Player.displayCompanionBanners = function(banners, tracking) { tmDisplayBanner(banners, adCompanionBannerObj, 300, 250, null, tracking); } abcdm.abccom.Player.hideCompanionBanners = function() { tmHideBanner(adCompanionBannerObj); adContainer = document.getElementById(adCompanionContainer); if(adContainer){ adContainer.innerHTML = ”; } } Contrary to reports, Jennifer Aniston will not seem topless in her new film “Horrible Bosses,” though we willArticle source:

PICS! Stars strike Horrible Bosses premiere

July 2, 2011

Jennifer Aniston The star-studded expel of new comedy, Horrible Bosses, were out in force for a Los Angeles premiere of a film, that hits UK cinema screens on 22nd July. The film sees Jennifer Aniston play a man-eating dentist in one of her sauciest roles to date. The singer illuminated adult a red runner in […]

A Jen-erous span during Horrible prem

July 2, 2011

BEAUTIES Aniston and Love Hewitt infer it’s not only a initial name they have in common – as they strike voluptuous poses during a premiere. The actresses dazzled on a red runner in Los Angeles in similarly figure-flaunting frocks. Love Hewitt highlighted her plenty curves in a parsimonious red number, while Aniston sparkled in a […]