September 14, 2012

Money or energy? District 1 (Richmond) Supervisor Eric Mar last Sunday was tightening adult his on-going pedigree, campaigning for SF College Board member and former SF chapter Sierra Club chairJohn Rizzo, a District 5 (Haight-Ashbury/Japantown) administrator claimant in a Panhandle…But Mar’s confronting a tough opinion (besides his position on ousting/keeping dangling SF Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi), depending on what happens in cabinet this week. […]

A fanciful tumble for root fans

November 17, 2011

But this tumble seems to have been a year to remember, and we perspective a philharmonic as some arrange of vast payback for carrying to live with clammy, 80-degree nights in August. Nature’s lollipop after a dentist’s chair. The autumn uncover is fleeting, though there is a impulse during a finish where a vanishing coda […]

Dr. Carmelo Cunanan: PRC’s 2011 Outstanding Professional of a Year Award in Physical Therapy

June 23, 2011

Dr. Carmelo C. CunananImage credit: MANILA, Philippines – The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) has selected Dr. Carmelo C. Cunanan as a target of a 2011 “Outstanding Professional of a Year Award” in a margin of Physical Therapy. This was disclosed by PRC, Jun 22, 2011. Dr. Cunanan is a connoisseur of B.S. Physical Therapy […]