Celebrity Dentist and Best Seller Author Dr. Emily Letran, has only been Nationally Featured in CBS Money Watch, The …

December 21, 2012

Celebrity Dentist and Businesswoman Dr. Emily Letran, has only been nationally featured for her value in dentistry and munificent village efforts in Southern California. Monrovia, CA (PRWEB) Dec 20, 2012 Celebrity Dentist Emily Letran, is a sought after family and cosmetic dentists in Southern California, who has only been nationally featured in CBS Money Watch, […]

As Nationally Featured on CBS Money Watch, Celebrity Doctor Anna Guarna, Is to Co-Author a New Business Book, "Leading …

December 10, 2012

Dr. Anna Guarna is a dental pain management dilettante and is looking brazen to pity her believe and skills in studious caring by this new business book titled, “Leading a Field: Strategies, Advice Inspiration From World Class Experts”. Stamford, CT (PRWEB) Dec 10, 2012 Dr. Anna Guarna is a Celebrity Doctor that has been nationally […]

Celebrity Doctor Anna Guarna, Is to Co-Author a New Business Book, "Leading a Field: Strategies, Advice …

October 1, 2012

TRIPOLI/BENGHAZI, Libya (Reuters) – Hundreds of Libyans handed in weapons left over from final year’s fight on Saturday, partial of a expostulate by a North African nation to absolved a streets of arms and moment down on brute company groups. As a day went on, a drip of people incited into longer lines in Tripoli […]

Author from Fresno explores 1992 L.A. riots

September 15, 2012

Los Angeles Review of Books censor D.J. Waldie calls a novel “today’s required book.” Janigian will review from and plead a book during 7 p.m. Wednesday during a Fresno Art Museum’s Bonner Auditorium, 2233 N. First St. Admission is free. The eventuality is presented by Fresno State’s Armenian Studies Program and a Fresno Art Museum. […]

Follow a manners of golf, or we could compensate for it

August 6, 2012

Niagara Gazette — I’ve spent many of my life golfing. The rest I’ve only wasted.” — Author Unknown I played in a WNYPLGA eventuality recently during Glen Oaks in Amherst. This publinx classification does an glorious pursuit of using events in a area. we wish that we could contend that we played golf to a […]

Murder poser play during Newark Library on Saturday

March 7, 2012

The Newark Library will horde an intergalactic murder poser on Saturday, Mar 10, during 7 p.m. The library will open a doors remade into a space vessel, as partial of a environment for a many new murder poser play to be staged during a library. The evening’s play, entitled The Celestial Slayer, will engage internal […]

Professionally Cleaned Teeth May Be Weapon Against Heart Disease

November 14, 2011

Yearly teeth-cleaning during the dentist’s bureau might cut a risk of heart conflict by as most as 24 percent compared with those who equivocate a treatment, Taiwanese researchers found. Those who had their teeth scraped and discriminating by a dentist or dental hygienist also had a 13 percent reduce risk of stroke than those who […]

Passings: Bernard G. Sarnat

November 7, 2011

Bernard G. Sarnat Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon, investigate scientist Dr. Bernard G. Sarnat, 99, a Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon and investigate scientistArticle source: http://www.latimes.com/news/obituaries/la-me-passings-20111106,0,2777852.story?track=rss

Bronx General Dentist Andrew Kuznetsov, DDS Discusses Oral Health in Baby Boomers and Seniors

October 26, 2011

A good grin and uninformed exhale are usually a commencement when it comes to good verbal hygiene and underlying health conditions. A new consult conducted by Opinion Research Corporation International (ORCI) for a Academy of General Dentistry recently found that 63% of baby boomers were unknowingly of a couple between oral symptoms in their mouth […]

Dirty mouth? It could kill you

August 26, 2011

Chances are we have a unwashed mouth and it could be murdering you. The Surgeon General estimates 85 percent of Americans have resin illness — that creates it one of a 6 vital risk factors for heart attacks and strokes. Indeed, a board in a mouths is a same as a board in a arteries, […]