Work continues for Driver ceremony

June 4, 2013

GREEN BAY – For a past dual and a half weeks, downtown redevelopment has left immature and bullion in a respect of Donald Driver. “He’s given a lot to Green Bay and a village via a 14 years he has been here,” pronounced Christopher Handler, who is portrayal a 22 feet high “Receiver” statue to […]

Adventure Continues In Las Vegas For ‘Land Of The Lost ‘ Star

January 1, 2012

All roads lead to Las Vegas. Even a one from “Land of a Lost.” Just ask Kathleen Coleman, who dodged reptilian immature Sleestaks and assorted dinosaurs while portraying wholesome, pigtailed Holly Marshall on a kids’ TV favorite in a mid-’70s. Coleman, 49, has been a Southern Nevada proprietor for usually a few months, though her […]