Ferrari in passed man’s parking slot

September 11, 2011

Chirag Patel London, Sept. 10: An Indian-origin cosmetic dentist in London, who illegally used a passed person’s infirm badge to park his possess Ferrari, has been fined £2,199. Chirag Patel, 33, won’t find it too tough to make adult a detriment given a cost of regulating a climax for one of his private patients will […]

OSC accuses former dentist of Ponzi fraud

February 27, 2011

The Ontario Securities Commission has indicted former dentist Peter Sbaraglia of participating in a Ponzi intrigue that lifted some-more than $40-million from investors before it was close down in 2009. The OSC alleges Mr. Sbaraglia, a Toronto dental surgeon incited investor, lifted $21.2-million from adult to 30 friends and family members by his company, C.O. […]