The pretender cattleman

September 23, 2012

It took a tiny 20 mins from a time a coal-black, 1,100-pound heifer ambled by a carried doorway into a slaughterhouse until dual sides of beef, unresolved on hooks, left into a cooler. The cow entered a tiny cover with high, grass-green walls that enclosed her like a shoebox around a loafer. She looked around […]

Texas Reads: Dentist, cowboy, friends group for Texas cookbook

July 10, 2011

“Spurs Smiles” is a 270-page spiral-bound cookbook constructed by Lubbock dentist Tracy Henson-McBee, who identifies herself as a cowboy’s wife, a mom and a dentist. Her book ($23.99) is a gathering of recipes she has mutated to make them a small healthier. “From a really immature age,” she writes, “I knew we wanted to be […]