September 30, 2012

  Trudy Park during home on a easterly side of a hill. Photo by David Fairchild This licence member of a Peninsula Committee Los Angeles Philharmonic was among about 30 immature matrons recruited in 1952 to assistance a struggling Los Angeles Symphony (its afterwards name) compensate a bills. And she’s been with a Committee ever […]

R-Jeneration: Getting To Know This Year’s R-Jeneration Team

November 6, 2011

It’s Thursday. The weekend is only on a horizon. But for some teens, it means streamer to a Las Vegas Review-Journal for an R-Jeneration meeting. R-Jeneration, famous as R-Jen, is a module during a Review-Journal where high propagandize students are taught broadcasting from R-J staff mentors. The students’ work is published in a Sunday journal […]