Financial pain keeps patients divided from visiting a dentist

November 5, 2012

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Age eligibility lowered, income eligibility raised

November 25, 2011

MORE people will suffer subsidies subsequent year when they revisit a ubiquitous practitioner (GP) or dentist. To keep health-care costs affordable, a extended PrimaryArticle source:

Dentist stole from employer

November 16, 2011

Published on Tue Nov 15 15:20:47 GMT 2011 A DENTIST has certified hidden scarcely £2,000 in fees. Nigel Hargreaves certified denying his former employer of £1,908. Owing to “exceptional” resources a box was resolved withArticle source:

Open wide, it’ll assistance your heart: Regular trips to a dentist cut heart conflict risk by a quarter

November 14, 2011

By Sophie Borland Last updated during 12:08 AM on 14th Nov 2011 Visiting a dental hygienist isn’t only good for your teeth – it could also strengthen your heart, researchers claim. They found that those who have their teeth professionally spotless and discriminating during slightest once a year cut their risk of a heart conflict […]

Dentist failure fears in $20m rorts probe

September 29, 2011

MEDICARE is questioning hundreds of dentists over probable injustice of supervision supports as it tries to replenish roughly $20 million of advantages paid in a past 4 years. Minutes from an unusual assembly of an Australian Dental Association branch, performed by The Age, advise a review could force dentists into bankruptcy. The Age believes a […]

Dentists urged to dispose of mercury safely

September 24, 2011

Beginning of Story Content Environment Canada wants dentists to stop flushing mercury down a drain. It is estimated that each year some-more than a tonne of mercury from dental rubbish ends adult issuing by Canada’s cesspool systems and into a environment. These days, dentists don’t implement many amalgam fillings, that are typically done adult of […]