Dentist failure fears in $20m rorts probe

September 29, 2011

MEDICARE is questioning hundreds of dentists over probable injustice of supervision supports as it tries to replenish roughly $20 million of advantages paid in a past 4 years. Minutes from an unusual assembly of an Australian Dental Association branch, performed by The Age, advise a review could force dentists into bankruptcy. The Age believes a […]

More germs one mouth than people on Earth

June 3, 2011

NEW YORK, Jun 1 (UPI) — A person’s mouth can have some-more germs than there are people on Earth and studies advise some germs might be related to ongoing diseases, a U.S. dentists say. John E. Dodes, a ubiquitous dentist in New York and a author of “Healthy Teeth: A User’s Guide,” says a news […]