Cheers and Jeers

December 29, 2012

Cheers: To Josh Hamilton for giving us 5 years of sparkling ball and heading us to dual World Series. Jeers to child GM Jon Daniels for vouchsafing him go, as good as a others this off-season, withdrawal us with a group that even won’t spot a playoffs — good job! — Wade Stone, Keller Cheers: […]

Tailgate Turf Wars: Pros & Cons Of Location

December 9, 2011

For a complicated football fanatic, there’s usually one good territory discuss left to take place. But forget about a weed (or miss thereof) on a field, since we’re not only articulate football; on a contrary, we’re articulate tailgating! And when it comes to places where good pre-game parties take place, it’s a territory fight of […]

‘Modern Family’ Siren Sofia Vergara Bemoans Her Early Development, Opens Up Regarding Colombian Childhood

June 4, 2011

Sofia Vergara Makes A Beautiful CoverGirlAccess HollywoodAccess Hollywood LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Sofia Vergara receives copiousness of courtesy for her voluptuous accent and well-developed figure, though a “Modern Family” star says she wasn’t primarily elegant when her now famous resources arrived during a immature age of 13. “I was really spare and we was really […]