Acocks Green caring home proprietor didn't see dentist for some-more than 3 years

January 8, 2013

A Birmingham caring home has been warned to urge by a health watchdog after it found one proprietor hadn’t visited a dentist for 3 years. Glynn House, in Flint Green Road, Acocks Green, was visited by inspectors from a Care Quality Commission who also detected problems per a approach medicine was being administered. The news […]

Bad teeth: Kids need ubiquitous anesthesia to repair cavities

March 8, 2012

<!–See some-more photos in a gallery–> DENVER — More and some-more children are going to a dentist’s bureau with cavities, and a problems are so bad, they have to go underneath ubiquitous anesthesia to repair it. Dr. Chris Roberts is a pediatric dentist in Green Valley Ranch who’s had several patients in this situation. “A […]

Why do we no longer need an antibiotic before teeth cleaning?

January 3, 2012

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