Innovative Technology Helps New York City Cosmetic Dentist Improve Lives

September 26, 2012

NEW YORK, NY–(Marketwire – Sep 26, 2012) – Cynthia had been putting her palm in front of her face to grin given before she could remember. As a mom with a immature child, years of perplexing to censor a short, sticking grin and an putrescent front tooth from friends and intensity employers had depleted her […]

Houston, TX Cosmetic Dentist Now Offering Mini Dental Implants

August 18, 2011

Dr. Ann E. Haggard, a cosmetic dentist in Houston, TX, is announcing that Designer for Smiles is now means to entirely accommodate their patients’ dental implants needs. She says that dental implants are one of a many critical innovations in dentistry since of their healthy feeling and durability. She adds that mini dental implants can […]

Ask a Dentist: Switching to implants has advantages

February 25, 2011

By Mitchell Josephs Posted: 3:47 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 24, 2011 Post a Comment E-mail Print Larger Type Small Type Question: we have ragged full dentures for decades and have had no complaints. Is there any ubiquitous health concerns that should make me cruise implants? – Moe, Boynton Beach Answer: There are dual denture-related lines that hang in my mind: “Be […]