LeAnn Rimes wants partial of her lawsuit opposite her ex-dentist to be dismissed.

April 30, 2013

A source tighten to a 30-year-old star told report website RadarOnline.com: “This is not a finish of a case.” LeAnn claims she has had to bear 9 unpleasant base waterway surgeries, bone grafting and indispensable to have a proxy overpass propitious after Dr. McKay allegedly botched work on her teeth, that enclosed top front veneers […]

LeAnn Rimes edits lawsuit opposite dentist

April 28, 2013

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian Article source: http://www.monstersandcritics.com/people/news/article_1715076.php/LeAnn-Rimes-edits-lawsuit-against-dentist

LeAnn Rimes Suing Dentist for Messing Up Her Teeth

February 16, 2013

Jesse Grant/WireImage LeAnn Rimes is one really unfortunate camper. The 30-year-old nation crooner has filed a lawsuit opposite her dentist, Dr. Duane C. McKay, whom she claims misdiagnosed her dental problems and gave her poor veneers and crowns that led to “severe tooth pain, resin inflammation and ongoing resin bleeding.” Because of that, Rimes says she had to […]

LeAnn Rimes Sues Dentist For Messing Up Her Teeth, Claims Bad Dental Work Damaged Her Career

February 16, 2013

LeAnn Rimes has a bone to collect with her dentist. The nation thespian filed a lawsuit on Thursday, Feb. 14, alleging that his bad dental work has indeed been so dire that it has negatively impacted her career. In a papers, a 30-year-old claims that her “ability to perform as an artist has been and […]