Dentist nabbed in Cotabato drug raid

November 29, 2012

By: November 28, 2012 10:12 AM Tweet InterAksyon.comThe online news portal of TV5 MANILA, Philippines — A dentist was among 4 persons arrested by agents of a Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency in a Cotabato City drug basement detected during a botched entrapment operation Monday. PDEA Director General Arturo G, Cacdac Jr. pronounced a theme […]

Hundreds spin out for giveaway health hospital during L.A. Sports Arena

September 28, 2012

“We try to do a best we can with singular resources,” Bleak said. “We could simply spend 5 hours on any patient.” For a final 5 years, Anthony Medrano, 25, pronounced he had been vital with a chipped tooth, that harm each time he ate something too cold or too hot. Medrano, who is uninsured, […]

A.G.: Dentist was traffic drugs

May 13, 2012

To try covering his tracks, officials pronounced Parekh would spasmodic span a prescriptions with a remedy for Kephlex, an antibiotic medication. After entertainment information on Parekh’s hospital from trusted sources, dual trusted informants placed available phone calls to his cellphone between Monday and Thursday to sequence prescriptions for Percocet, pronounced Nils Frederiksen, Attorney General spokesman. […]

Cosmetic dentist

April 13, 2012

With a multiple of record and complicated science, is how a dental make came to be about. With a group coming in several opposite disciples. To make a dental make successful, we will need a assistance from many opposite people. Between a patient, a Cosmetic dentist, a chairman that make a crown, specifically for a […]

Greensboro Dentist Pleads Guilty To Health Care Fraud

November 5, 2011

     Written by WFMY News 2 Greensboro, NC– A Greensboro dentist has certified to health caring fraud.  Thursday, a US Attorney’s Office supposed a defence understanding with Tung Thai Nguyen. Nguyen pleaded guilty to health caring rascal charges in tie with fake claims submitted to Medicaid. Dr. Nguyen, 40, pleaded guilty, in Winston-Salem sovereign courtroom, on […]