Judge condemns feign dentist Stephen Sicklemore who conned aged patients out of hundreds of thousands by creation …

January 14, 2012

By David Wilkes Last updated during 2:32 AM on 14th Jan 2012 Bogus dentist Stephen Sicklemore arrives during Exeter Crown Court A feign dentist who conned aged patients into profitable adult to £1,400 for wonky sets of fake teeth has been cursed as a scoundrel by a judge.    Stephen Sickelmore, 52, acted as a […]

Fake-death dentist wins cut in jail sentence

October 20, 2011

A dentist who was jailed after faking his possess genocide and relocating to Scotland in a £1.8 million word rascal has had his judgment slashed by interest judges. The 47-year-old, who has left underneath 4 opposite names, was jailed for 5 years during Exeter Crown Court in Mar after pleading guilty to 7 rascal offences. ​ […]