Dentist confronting jail for £1.4m fraud

July 31, 2012

Dr Joyce Trail was convicted during Birmingham Crown Court after a five-week trial. Jurors listened she done thousands of fake claims for treating patients, including dozens for people who were indeed dead. Judge Peter Carr told her: “In your box there is no other choice than a estimable judgment of imprisonment, a usually thing we […]

Dentist inextricable in Medicaid rascal review skeleton large backyard H2O park during Strait Lane home

July 15, 2012

On her Candy’s Dirt blog, genuine estate author Candace Evans reports that Richard Malouf, a former infancy owners of All Smiles Dental Centers, hopes to spin his Strait Lane backyard into something that some-more closely resembles Hurricane Harbor than a residential backyard — even one during one of a many costly mansions in Dallas. “There […]

Dentist in Medicaid fit adding a H2O park to his mansion

July 13, 2012

DALLAS – The Texas Medicaid dental liaison is relocating into a new phase. A construction phase. One of a dentists charged with rascal in billing Texas taxpayers tens of millions of dollars for unneeded braces on children is in a new emanate of expanding his mansion. He’s building a H2O park on a property. It’s […]

Laredo Dentist/Orthodontist Couple Convicted of Making False Statements on Bills to Texas Medicaid

May 18, 2012

Home / Citybiznews / Law Firms / We Recommend… LAREDO – Laredo dentist Dr. Carlos Armin Morales-Ryan, 45, and his mother internal orthodontist Dr. Nelia Patricia Garcia-Morales, 42, have pleaded guilty to a rapist information admitting they done fake statements on bills to Texas Medicaid, United States Attorney Kenneth Magidson announced today. Morales-Ryan and Garcia-Morales […]

New Haven dentist indicted of fake claims pays fine

October 12, 2011

NEW HAVEN, CT (WFSB) – Kristi Rossomando and her Grand Avenue dental practice, The Children’s Dental Group, has concluded to compensate $212,000 in fines to settle allegations that she disregarded a sovereign and state False Claims Acts, according to U.S. Attorney David B. Fein and state Attorney General George Jepsen. Rossomando is indicted of fraudulently […]

Dentist pays for fake Medicaid claims

October 12, 2011

New Haven, Conn. (WTNH) – A New Haven dentist is profitable over $200,000 for creation fake claims for services supposing during her dental office. Kristi Rossomando, D.M.D and her dental practice, The Children’s Dental Group, P.C., located during 825 Grand Avenue, have entered into a polite allotment in that they will compensate $212,000 to solve […]

City dentist’s base to TV fame

July 5, 2011

Dr Biju Krishnan, co-founder of Lubiju’s cosmetic dental clinic, is set to seem on SkyTV charity recommendation on some of a latest cosmetic dentistry treatments on a market. Dr Krishnan and his hospital is due to underline via a whole eight-week series. Dr Krishnan said: “The uncover is a good height for UK clinics outward […]