Meet a Large-Animal Vet Who's Gunning for a GOP Establishment

January 4, 2013

On a misty Florida morning shortly before his first-ever ubiquitous election, soon-to-be Congressman Ted Yoho was harsh down a teeth of a entertain equine named Little Man. First, Yoho injected a 1,000-pound animal with a tranquilizer. Then he yanked Little Man’s tongue out of a approach and, with a full-body suit that evoked both dentist […]

Todd Nielson plays a numbers with Seahawks

November 7, 2012

RENTON, Wash. — A decade ago, Todd Nielson worked partial time for a Green Bay Packers during $6 an hour. Now, he’s sensitively useful to a Seattle Seahawks. Nielson gathers and crunches numbers, studies probabilities, looks for any splinter of information concerning a Seahawks or hostile teams that could give Seattle an edge. That includes […]

Westernville integrate dedicated to preserving Gen. Floyd’s home

July 4, 2011

For many people, a Fourth of Jul is a day. For Russ and Jackie Marriott, it’s a lifestyle. The Marriotts have spent a final 34 years preserving a bequest of Gen. William Floyd, one of New York’s signers of a Declaration of Independence, by restoring a Westernville home in that Floyd spent a final decades […]

Lawyer, dentist nabbed for drugs

June 25, 2011

Saturday, Jun 25, 2011 A PRACTICING lawyer, a purebred dentist and 5 other suspects in drug pulling were arrested on dual apart occasions Wednesday in Malaybalay and Valencia cities in Bukidnon. In a news submitted to Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) Director General Undersecretary Jose S. Gutierrez Jr., a PDEA-Northern Mindanao identified dual of a […]

Dentist murders

March 3, 2011

2 Mar 2011 Last updated during 09:35 ET Hazel Stewart seemed in justice charged with murdering her former father and ex-lover’s wife She has never been alone. Hazel Stewart, 47, faced charges of murdering her former father – father of her children – and her ex-lover’s wife, though she always has had family behind her. […]