Eve Samples: Mysterious ad triggers memories of dentist with AIDS

September 16, 2012

In life and in death, poser hidden Dr. David Acer. More than dual decades after 6 of a Jensen Beach dentist’s patients were putrescent with HIV, it’s still not transparent accurately how he upheld a pathogen on to them. Perhaps Acer cut his fingers, that reportedly had mislaid feeling since of AIDS-related neuropathy. Perhaps his […]

Salt Lake City Cosmetic Dentist, Richard Austin, Uses In-House Dental Lab to Shade Match Veneers and Implants to …

September 8, 2011

SALT LAKE CITY, Sept. 7, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Dr. Richard Austin, a cosmetic dentist in Salt Lake City, Utah, has solved a disappointment patients might knowledge after a outing to their dentist, usually to find their new cosmetic dental work doesn’t utterly compare existent teeth. Instead, to be certain his patients are always thrilled, Dr. […]

Sorry we pennyless breeze during work, says dentist

February 28, 2011

Sorry we pennyless breeze during work, says dentist Kiran Randhawa, Health and Social Affairs Correspondent 28 Feb 2011 A dentist apologised currently for violation breeze during work, and supposed it was “juvenile” to make bold signs behind patients’ backs. Matthew Walton, 35, told a General Dental Council he was disposed to emptiness and removed a […]