Fired for being sexy

December 25, 2012

A COURT has ruled that a dentist was entitled to pouch his dental partner for being too “irresistible” and a “threat” to his marriage. Melissa Nelson, a 32-year-old married mom of two, worked with dentist James Knight for 10 years before he dismissed her. An all-male Iowa State Supreme Court ruled that he was within […]

RUB OF THE GREEN: Enjoying a diversion after all these years

August 6, 2012

TERRE HAUTE — When golf is referred to as “The Game for a Lifetime,” you’ve got to trust that outline is really on target. For example, there is a Danny Williams hunt that converges on a initial tee during The  Landing on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. Many players are in their 70s and late […]

Dentist trains to obtain master falconers license

December 10, 2011

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (AP) For Nocona, Texas-area folks, Dr. David Sears might be their area dentist, though he also has a eminence of holding a master falconers license, permitting him to train, hunt with and lift birds of prey. Article source:

Free Medical Clinic In Los Angeles: Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas Comes Out Swinging

October 21, 2011

Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas came out overhanging Thursday morning opposite opponents of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. Speaking during a press discussion on a initial day of a CareNow LA giveaway medical clinic, a yearly eventuality that he champions, Ridley-Thomas apologized to associate speakers on a theatre before job out those who have […]

Bulger lived in CA unit 15 years: Report

June 27, 2011

Home Breaking News Police and FBI approximate a unit building in Santa Monica, Calif., where refugee crime trainer James “Whitey” Bulger and his longtime messenger Catherine Greig were arrested, Wednesday evening, Jun 22, 2011. The dual were arrested but incident, a FBI said. Bulger was a personality of a Winter Hill Gang when he fled […]

Whitey Bulger lived in Santa Monica unit 15 years

June 25, 2011

Thomas Watkins and Steve Leblanc/ Associated Press Los Angeles — Boston host trainer James “Whitey” Bulger spent roughly all of his 16 years on a lam in a same Santa Monica unit complex, profitable his lease in money each month while he and his partner hid from one of a biggest manhunts in U.S. history, […]

NHS rascal dentist is spared jail

April 15, 2011

14 Apr 2011 Last updated during 11:48 ET Garston-Hunt pleaded guilty to fake accounting between Mar 2005 and Nov 2007 A Bristol dentist who defrauded a NHS out of £77,800 has been given a dangling jail sentence. Jonathan Garston-Hunt secretly claimed some patients – including an ex-Premier League footballer and his father – were on […]

Can Fontana get behind adult to speed?

March 25, 2011

FONTANA – The NASCAR races during Auto Club Speedway have been kicked all over a calendar like a dentist’s appointment. June was too hot, with too many fans on vacation. April? Nah, that was hot, too. Feb was cold and soppy and miserable. October? Hard to make a front sports page in October. “Now it’s […]

OSC accuses former dentist of Ponzi fraud

February 27, 2011

The Ontario Securities Commission has indicted former dentist Peter Sbaraglia of participating in a Ponzi intrigue that lifted some-more than $40-million from investors before it was close down in 2009. The OSC alleges Mr. Sbaraglia, a Toronto dental surgeon incited investor, lifted $21.2-million from adult to 30 friends and family members by his company, C.O. […]