Cassius Clay, father and me

July 29, 2012

Illustration: When a Olympics were in Melbourne in 1956, a good Australian heavyweight fighter Tony Madigan forsaken into my parents’ Albury pub, slamming a immature linoleum opposite with his outrageous hand, cheering ”Billy Waterstreet”. He gathering to a Olympics down a Hume Highway and droveArticle source:

Sex, pecs, flex and a city

January 21, 2012

Illustration: Michael Mucci. THREE guys in a gym. Working out together. Equinox in SoHo, dilemma of Prince and Crosby. Day after Golden Globes and New York Giants vanquish Green Bay Packers in play-off. Spotting weights with an additional set of hands, eachArticle source:

A complement in decay

January 8, 2012

Illustration: Matt Davidson Australia is in unfortunate need of a inhabitant dental health scheme, writes Deborah Cole. HERE’S what we know for sure: bad dental health is costing a Australian economy adult to $2 billion a year. Dental spoil is connected to vital ongoing illnesses includingArticle source:

Green Blog: Cornell Issues Film of Extinct Woodpecker

October 29, 2011

Two feet tall, a majestic woodpecker of Mexico once reigned as a largest woodpecker in a world. But assertive logging and even poisoning by a lumber companies in a Sierra Madre medium is suspicion to have driven a bird into annihilation someday in a mid-20th century. Evaristo Hernández-Fernández/ Cornell Lab of OrnithologyA embellished painting of […]

Lead birther Orly Taitz still on case, doubt Obama’s Social Security number

July 30, 2011

Loading… Comments Archive (Washington Post print illustration) – Orly Taitz was reprimanded by Judge Royce Lamberth, who pronounced she was “toying with a justice or displaying her possess stupidity.” Article source: