New on DVD: ‘Horrible Bosses’ takes charge; ‘Green Lantern’ disappoints

October 15, 2011

<!–Saxotech Paragraph Count: 2–> A lot of melodramatic releases are creation their approach to home video this week, and they operation from a big-budget superhero crack to a goofy, R-rated comedy. Horrible Bosses✪✪✪ (out of ✪✪✪✪)Rated R for wanton and passionate content, pervasive denunciation and some drug material, New Line Cinema, Available on: DVD, Blu-ray […]

New to DVD: ‘Horrible Bosses’ ‘Green Lantern’ and ‘The Tree of Life’

October 15, 2011

2 1/2 stars = AverageRatings explained “Horrible Bosses,” that is usually irregularly humorous and really R-rated, could be deliberate wish accomplishment for salary slaves who competence like to force their benefaction or past trainer underneath a Port Authority bus. Jennifer Aniston plays a dentist who does inapt things to gassed patients, intimately harasses her assistant, […]

‘Green Lantern’ fails to shine

October 15, 2011

New on DVD Tom Long/ Detroit News Film Critic New and important on DVD this week: “Green Lantern” (Rated PG-13 for heated sequences of sci-fi assault and action; Warner Bros., $28.98): The misfortune superhero film of a year. Ryan Reynolds stars as a mythological DC comics impression with a sorcery ring who’s partial of an […]

Jennifer Aniston ponders idol status

July 26, 2011

Jennifer Aniston thinks she’s a womanlike idol given she wears “hand-me-downs”. The Hollywood singer has won a multitude of masculine and womanlike fans given anticipating general celebrity on strike US radio array Friends. Jennifer, who is widely regarded as one of a industry’s many appealing heading ladies, is always confused about because women reason her […]

Horrible Bosses – review

July 25, 2011

An practice in a select Hollywood in-your-face desire compared with a envelope-pushing Judd Apatow, this business universe comedy is a switch on Nine to Five, a 1980 feminist film in that Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin and Dolly Parton kidnap their exploitative loyalist boss. Here, 3 aged chums operative in several Los Angeles offices are worried […]

Jennifer Aniston Couldn’t Say No To ‘Horrible Bosses’

July 8, 2011

In looking during a expel of “Horrible Bosses,” it creates clarity that funnymen like Jason Sudeikis, Charlie Day and Jason Bateman would be trustworthy to a film that revolves around 3 guys perplexing to kill their 3 really terrible bosses. Even ancillary players Kevin Spacey, Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx are folks who don’t warn […]

Jennifer Aniston Is Happily ‘Horrible’

June 16, 2011

Jennifer Aniston on watchful tables: “I wasn’t really good during that. we forsaken some-more than one Alpine burger in customers’ laps, and we only do not wish all of that Swiss cheese in your pants. we wasn’t a good waitress, though we was told that we was good and charming, so people favourite me anyway.” […]

Jennifer Aniston Gets Innapropriate in ‘Horrible Bosses’ Trailer

June 3, 2011

The cute, innocent, Rachel Green is left people; accommodate the new Jennifer Aniston, who plays a intimately inapt dentist in her arriving film Horrible Bosses. According to Inside Movies: The film centers on 3 operative guys (played by Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, and Charlie Day) who confirm to hit off their awful employers: A drug-addled […]

Jennifer Aniston: ‘Horrible Bosses’ trailer

May 12, 2011

Say goodbye to Rachel Green, folks. Once you’ve watched Jennifer Aniston as a hilariously randy dentist in a new trailer for a comedy Horrible Bosses (out Jul 8), we competence never see a Friends star utterly a same approach again. The film centers on 3 operative guys (played by Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, and Charlie […]