Pinehurst legislature approaching to opinion shortly on changes to Village Green

December 31, 2012

By Steve DeVaneStaff writer PINEHURST – The ancestral Village Green this winter is blanketed with brownish-red hunger straw, that stays composed even as Pinehurst residents and visitors suffer a beauty and control business in a surrounding downtown shops. Come spring, parking spaces and a grassy park will have been combined to a 7.3-acre teardrop-shaped landmark […]

'A bequest of generosity'

August 31, 2012

Citizen photos by Kyle Swartz Can’t wait to appreciate him A line of people during the Town Green looking to appreciate Arnold Lazaroff, distant left, during a Aug. 27 village jubilee of his 80th birthday and 55 years for his business, Arnold’s Jeweler’s.

Greetings From Happy Valley: The Giddy Scene In Bellefonte, Pa., On The Night Before Jerry Sandusky’s Hearing [Penn …

December 14, 2011

BELLEFONTE, Pa.—Lock Haven is a tiny city trustworthy to an greasy immature hook of a Susquehanna River in executive Pennsylvania. It is a kind of place where Main Street is peppered with mom-and-pop shops and a entertain in a scale buys we 150 minutes. It is also a kind of place where an immorality small […]

Westernville integrate dedicated to preserving Gen. Floyd’s home

July 4, 2011

For many people, a Fourth of Jul is a day. For Russ and Jackie Marriott, it’s a lifestyle. The Marriotts have spent a final 34 years preserving a bequest of Gen. William Floyd, one of New York’s signers of a Declaration of Independence, by restoring a Westernville home in that Floyd spent a final decades […]

Another tragedy: Abhorrent fan function no surprise

May 22, 2011

Reading Eagle Company Direct Marketing/Mail Stoudt Auto Sales Inc Reading Eagle Internet Services [+] Enlarge.   –  Photo by Lauren A. Little December 17, 2009 Reading Eagle Assistant Sports Editor Mike McGovern The preference this week wasn’t as most what to write, though either to write. we also pondered either to cut a weed and keep […]