NFL Playoffs 2013: Teams That Top Seeds Don't Want to See in Divisional Round

January 5, 2013

You’ll never get anyone to acknowledge it, though those players whose warranted a first-round bye in a 2013 NFL playoffs will be sitting during home examination a movement on Wild Card Weekend reveal sensitively praying to a football gods that “Team X” does not lift out a victory. Much like people who equivocate a dentist, […]

Beth Henley's 'The Jacksonian' takes a expel South

February 21, 2012

Playwright Beth Henley’s latest work “The Jacksonian,” debuting in a universe premier in Los Angeles, is positively Southern, though it is anything though comfortable. This 90-minute, part-David Lynch, part-Flannery O’Connor cut of Southern medieval is a sign of a concurrently dim and mostly waggish brew of confusion, rage, and only plain oddity that noted Henley […]