Dentist barred from practising in B.C

November 1, 2012

A B.C. dentist found guilty of 33 instances of amateurish use and veteran bungle has had his registration cancelled by a College of Dental Surgeons of B.C., a many critical chastisement a college can impose. Derek Duvall will not be authorised to rehearse in B.C. unless he completes a college-approved ubiquitous dentistry module and passes […]

Allcare president surrenders NH dentist license

May 23, 2012

CONCORD – The president of a dental company that shut down unexpectedly last year, leaving more than 100 patients in the lurch, has surrendered his license to practice dentistry in New Hampshire. In surrendering his license, Robert Bates, DDS, resolved allegations of professional misconduct that were to be the subject of a disciplinary hearing before […]

Misconduct row suspends dentist

March 28, 2012

27 Mar 2012 Last updated during 05:26 ET A former Lockerbie dentist who charged a lady roughly £8,000 though unsuccessful to finish her diagnosis before quitting his use has been suspended. A General Dental Council bungle conference inspected a fibre of charges opposite Mokhothu Mokotjo. He faced some-more than 20 charges of bad treatment, unsuited […]

Dentist, help get trial for wrong practice

February 4, 2012

DECATUR – Dr. Kenneth P. Webb and Tamara Younker, a dentist and dental assistant, perceived trial terms after they pleaded guilty to charges stemming from a wrong use of dentistry by Younker,  Webb, 61, a former dentist during a Macon County Health Department, pleaded guilty to dual transgression depends of official misconduct in circuit justice […]

Hockey fable perved on trainee dentist

August 1, 2011

A former Great Britain and Ireland hockey star has been authorised to continue practising as a dentist notwithstanding revelation perving on a youth staff member. Prominent dentist Dr Terry Gregg was hauled adult before a General Dental Council and found guilty of bungle for regulating coarse denunciation and making descent and passionate comments to a […]

Prosecuting profession wants 14 witnesses subpoenaed for Councilwoman Judy Green’s dismissal hearing

July 22, 2011

<!–Saxotech Paragraph Count: 11–> The profession who will prosecute bungle charges opposite Louisville Metro Councilwoman Judy Green has requested 14 people be compelled to attest with subpoenas during a trial-like dismissal conference now scheduled for mid-September. The witnesses being sought by Attorney Gregg Hovious embody several people who had been listed as witnesses during Green’s […]

Dentist cited for unneeded fillings

May 18, 2011

Beginning of Story Content Dr. Donald J Bachinsky final practised during a Greenwoods Dental Centre during 693 McPhillips St. A Winnipeg dentist has been trained for providing nonessential dental work to aboriginal patients. Dr. Donald J. Bachinsky pleaded guilty to 3 depends of veteran bungle after Health Canada’s First Nations and Inuit Health Branch saw […]

‘Flatulent’ dentist is struck off

March 4, 2011

4 Mar 2011 Last updated during 09:51 ET The cabinet listened Mr Walton told a studious he had “bad breath” A dentist who faced charges of violation breeze and belching in front of patients and staff has been struck off. Matthew Walton, 35, from Shrewsbury, also swore and done “v-sign” palm gestures to patients and […]

Dentist wants to put bungle hearings behind him

February 23, 2011

Dentist wants to put bungle hearings behind him 9:16am Tuesday 22nd Feb 2011 Print Email Share A DENTIST who was twice summoned before a watchdog and indicted of trashy work has insisted he is some-more than able during his job. Philip Burger was found guilty of veteran bungle though authorised to continue work but any […]

Dentist ‘broke breeze in front of patients’

February 23, 2011

Dentist Matthew Walton supposing a whole new definition to “giving patients gas”, a disciplinary conference was told yesterday. He is indicted of violation breeze and belching in front of patients – and admits adhering dual fingers adult behind their back. The General Dental Council conference was also told that before a dentist would provide people […]