Survey Finds More than 34% of Patients Would Get Botox® from a Dentist

September 29, 2012

Results of a new consult shows Cosmetic Dentist might wish to offer some-more services than they do now. Orlando, Florida (PRWEB) Sep 27, 2012 Botox® is one of a many renouned minimally-invasive procedures offering during cosmetic and cosmetic surgery centers around a country, and many practices now offer membership programs and discounts for their […]

Hudgins captures Greater Houston Senior Men’s City Amateur

October 25, 2011

Jerry Hudgins entered a final turn of a Greater Houston Senior Men’s City Amateur 4 shots out of a lead and indispensable a low turn Sunday to have a possibility during winning a eventuality for a fourth time. “When we teed off, we figured if we shot a 65, I’d be flattering close,” Hudgins said. […]

Letters: Support for BOE claimant Illyssa Green

May 12, 2011

Support for BOE claimant Illyssa Green To a editor: My crony Illyssa Green is using for a Skaneateles School Board, and we support her though hesitation. While Illyssa is committed to gripping taxes underneath control, she is resolutely clinging to assuring we have a best teachers for the children. Illyssa unwaveringly supports the children’s art, […]