Omaha dentist lives to assistance other people

July 12, 2013

Fresh out of dental propagandize in 1969, Dr. Roger Curry got his initial pursuit during a dental sanatorium in Douglas County Hospital. It was a primary reconstruction sanatorium in Omaha then, he said, and it started him on a trail of assisting people who onslaught with handicaps and poverty. Curry, 68, now has his possess […]

A Wichita Falls Non-profit is on a Mission to Help Overseas

February 29, 2012

One Texoma classification is streamer abroad on a goal to assistance people in need. Latin Gala Charities is sponsoring a dental goal for a initial time. They are sending an orderly team Wichita Falls dentists and other members to the tiny encampment of Savalos, Nicaragua. The Wichita Falls non-profit skeleton to assistance over 300 people who are all in unfortunate need […]