Business briefs: Allen dentist wins award, new wellness office

September 14, 2012

Allen dentist nominated for prestigious award Allen dentist Dr. Tammy Gough has been nominated by a Dallas Academy of General Dentistry for a Texas Academy of General Dentistry’s (TAGD) Dentist of a Year Award. It is deliberate a many prestigious respect a Texas dentist can earn. Dr. Gough is one of usually 15 dentists nominated […]

New Dental Practice Management and Marketing Book

June 29, 2011

In Dentistry’s Business Secrets: Proven Growth Strategies for Your New or Existing Practice, Dr. Edward Logan offers adult information garnered via his eighteen years of private dental practice. Written by a dentist for dentists, this new dental use government and marketing book is a contingency review for each dentist who is starting a new use […]

A glance of world’s best

May 19, 2011

Print this Article Email this Article “; aryZooms[imgCounter] = “javascript: NewWindow(870,625,window.document.location+’?Template=photosimg=”+imgCounter+”‘)”; bolImages=true; “; aryZooms[imgCounter] = “javascript: NewWindow(870,625,window.document.location+’?Template=photosimg=”+imgCounter+”‘)”; JENNY LIND – For a few silly mins Tuesday afternoon, world-class bicyclists perplexed crowds in a village. A helicopter thundered beyond as 144 robust group streaked by in a fuzz of blue, red and black jerseys. One of […]

When Your Dentist Turns Green

March 3, 2011

When Your Dentist Turns Green By Karin RivesStaff Writer Washington – Dental offices in the United States flush an estimated 36 billion liters of clean drinking H2O down a empty each day. They also generate some 10,000 kilos of mercury-laden amalgam waste particles – many of that are cleared down a penetrate – and huge […]