Pasadena dentist gives behind to a community

December 18, 2012

PASADENA – Growing adult in San Gabriel, Sylvia Beeman enjoyed visiting her dentist, Dr. Mikio Tochioka and appreciated his kind demeanor. Tochioka, who used in Boyle Heights, eventually desirous Beeman to turn a dentist herself and to open her possess Pasadena practice. In those days, dentists didn’t wear gloves, and she recalls enjoying a smell […]

Local Pasadena Dentist Reaches Out to Educate Patients Through Online Web Presence

September 27, 2011

Stepping behind from a brink, Senate leaders on Monday night struck a understanding to avert a supervision shutdown, flitting a magnitude that supports a supervision by mid-November and keeps income issuing to cash-strapped FEMA, enabling a group to continue providing service to disaster-stricken regions and provident a open from … Article source: