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March 27, 2013

HealthWatch (WFRV) – Think we know all there is to know about your pearly whites? What we don’t know about what causes and fights cavities could warn you.   Brushing twice a day helps keep a gums and teeth healthy, though what’s another proven form fighter? Is it immature tea, dusty fruit, or lemons? The […]

LeAnn Rimes Suing Dentist for Messing Up Her Teeth

February 16, 2013

Jesse Grant/WireImage LeAnn Rimes is one really unfortunate camper. The 30-year-old nation crooner has filed a lawsuit opposite her dentist, Dr. Duane C. McKay, whom she claims misdiagnosed her dental problems and gave her poor veneers and crowns that led to “severe tooth pain, resin inflammation and ongoing resin bleeding.” Because of that, Rimes says she had to […]

Filling no pain: Dentist all smiles in drunk-drill bust

January 24, 2013

Victor Alcorn TOOTHY GRIN: Robert Garelick, a Long Island dentist, sports a nonsensical laugh on his face as he is led divided by cops in Suffolk County yesterday. It wasn’t a cavalcade that was buzzing — it was a dentist. Long Island form filler Robert Garelick, 57, flashed his possess pearly whites yesterday on his […]

Say Cheese! Best Places For Teeth Whitening In Los Angeles

October 10, 2012

October 9, 2012 6:00 AM A design is value a thousand words, and if your teeth are looking lifeless or discolored on your subsequent holiday card, your desired ones will have copiousness to contend about it. Living in braid city has tons of pros when it comes to progressing your image. If you’re looking like […]

Crystal Dental Centers Provides a Cosmetic and Children Dentist While Allowing LAD Solutions to Handle a Promotion

August 12, 2012

Crystal Dental Centers is celebrating their newest plcae in Huntington Beach, where they yield dentists to residents who are looking for anything from a simple teeth cleaning to a children’s or cosmetic dentist. To assistance foster their new plcae they have partnered with LAD Solutions. Huntington Beach, CA (PRWEB) Aug 12, 2012 The dentist is […]

Washington Dentist’s Talents Helping Redskins Cheerleader Touchdown in Vegas for Miss USA pageant

May 6, 2012

Washington D.C. (PRWEB) May 06, 2012 The imagination of Dr. Lawrence Singer – dentist to Monique Thompkins, Miss DC USA – have given a Washington Redskins Cheerleader even larger reason to grin as she enters Miss USA 2012. Dr. Singer, of DC Smiles, has extended Monique’s overwhelming grin as partial of his purpose as a […]

Calming interiors

April 30, 2012

By Arch’t. Karl A.E.F. Cabilao, UAP Saturday, Apr 28, 2012 PEOPLE competence boot a room as only that—a space enclosed by 4 walls with a doorway and some pointless windows. One competence call it a candid notice of space done abandoned of a nitty-gritty of formulation and pattern in a name of economy. But a […]

Why More Preschoolers Are Going Under a Dentist’s Drill

March 7, 2012

Little Johnny might spin on a duct during a steer of a toothbrush, though dentists contend that’s no forgive for relatives to go messy on a twice-a-day brushing rule. According to a front-page story in Tuesday’s New York Times, dentists are stating a spike in cavities among preschool-age children. In many cases a spoil is […]

Top Three Reasons To Visit Your Dentist

February 29, 2012

Image by AFP/Getty Images around @daylife You might consider that going to a dentist frequently might usually offer to peep your pearly whites and healthy gums. While it is positively loyal that unchanging check ups and cleanings assistance to foster good verbal health by preventing tooth spoil and resin disease, a advantages of progressing verbal […]

Kiwi teeth zero to grin about

February 28, 2012

New Zealanders might be unapproachable of a clean, immature image, though we aren’t so good during looking after a pearly whites. A new dental health consult asked 1,000 New Zealanders about their dental hygiene habits, and a formula are zero to grin about – over 80 percent of those surveyed had had cavities, and some-more […]