Dentist charged with essay bootleg prescriptions

April 29, 2013

HERALD STAFF REPORT and ASSOCIATED PRESS NEWARK — Authorities have arrested a Morris County dentist and charged him with illegally prescribing and dispensing a renouned painkilling drug. The state Division of Consumer Affairs along with sovereign drug authorities contend Succasunna dentist Dr. Ronald M. Jupiter wrote prescriptions for Percocet for clandestine officers who came […]

Dr. Feelgood? Succasunna dentist attempted to trade Percocet for sex, AG says

April 26, 2013

View full sizeDr. Ronald Jupiter, a dentist, was arrested Thursday and charged with illegally prescribing and dispensing Percocet in sell for sex, a state Attorney General’s Office said. N.J. State Attorney General’s Office ROXBURY — A Succasunna dentist is indicted of illegally prescribing and dispensing Percocet to clandestine military officers, looking for sex in return, […]

Abuse of painkillers seen as an epidemic

September 12, 2012

<!–Saxotech Paragraph Count: 11–> Robert Richter got his initial ambience of Vicodin as a teen, when his kin had a tooth pulled. A dentist prescribed a renouned painkiller and Richter, who grew adult with an dependant mother, helped himself to a white, oval pill. “The feeling was really relaxing and numbing,” recalls Richter, now 20 […]

A.G.: Dentist was traffic drugs

May 13, 2012

To try covering his tracks, officials pronounced Parekh would spasmodic span a prescriptions with a remedy for Kephlex, an antibiotic medication. After entertainment information on Parekh’s hospital from trusted sources, dual trusted informants placed available phone calls to his cellphone between Monday and Thursday to sequence prescriptions for Percocet, pronounced Nils Frederiksen, Attorney General spokesman. […]

Dentist hold on drug rap

May 13, 2012

I NSTEAD OF HANDING out toothbrushes and dental floss, a dentist in East Mount Airy dished out prescriptions for Percocet and Oxycodone and might have treated patients while he was high on crack, according to a Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office. A monthlong review that began with a tip from a trusted adviser finished Thursday with […]

Former Fall River dentist pleads guilty to regulating paper clips in base canals and Medicaid fraud

January 26, 2012

By Alli Knothe, Globe Correspondent A former Fall River dentist has pleaded guilty to charges that concerned substituting paper clips for immaculate steel posts while behaving base canals, a profession general’s bureau said. Michael Clair, 53, of Maryland, allegedly billed Medicaid for a cost of a immaculate steel posts he didn’t use and is confronting […]