Salt Lake County dentist systematic to jail for taxation evasion

September 20, 2012

SALY LAKE CITY — A Salt Lake County dentist has been systematic to offer 5 years in jail after prosecutors contend he done no efforts to compensate a taxes he evaded. Benjamin Lee Gilstrap, 60, was taken into control Monday. He had primarily been condemned to 50 days of home capture and 6 years trial […]

Kingwood, Texas, Main Street Bank Shuts Down to Avoid Overzealous Regulators

August 11, 2011

Main Street Bank in Kingwood, Texas, has been earning a solid distinction loaning income to tiny businesses. However, a bank will shortly be shutting a doors and offered a branches to another bank. The reason seems to be over regulation, according to a Wall Street Journal. Ever given a financial predicament of 2007-08, sovereign regulators […]

Local dentist recognized

May 28, 2011

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