Bonifacio’s teeth, Rizal’s breath

March 9, 2012

Looking Back By: Ambeth R. OcampoPhilippine Daily Inquirer Did Rizal have bad breath? That was a doubt lifted when a dentist commented extensively on a print of Rizal’s skull that we used in one of my lectures a few months ago. Public lectures yield me with an event to exam my ideas before a live […]

‘American Horror Story’ recap: Murder House Confidential

December 2, 2011

The year is 1947, and The Victorian, now 25 years old, is once again home to a hurtful alloy and a guide of fake wish for starry-eyed women. At slightest a stream medicine in chateau is a small some-more important than a surgeon-turned-abortionist-turned-Infantata cobbling madman. He is Dr. David Curan — dentist, bachelor, and one […]

Co-Workers Grit Their Teeth Seeing Dentist’s Sagging Pants

April 21, 2011

DEAR ABBY: we work in a dental office. My trainer (the doctor) and his partner have a problem gripping their pants up. Every time possibly of them reaches for something or, God forbid, bends over — they peep their backsides. It’s only bad, and both of them are flattering good-sized men. My trainer is a […]