A West Boca dentist dives into regressive politics

February 9, 2012

West Boca orthodontist Larry Kawa has shaped a regressive super domestic movement committee. Kawa’s American Courage PAC sponsored a Boca Raton Republican Club’s watch celebration for a formula of a Florida Presidential Preference Primary on Jan. 31 during a Boca Raton Embassy Suites. He filed a American Courage PAC with a Federal Election Commission on […]

Mitt Romney trains critique only on Obama

January 6, 2012

By Matt Viser, Globe Staff SALEM, N.H. – Mitt Romney’s daily drubbing of President Obama and his policies continued this morning, job him a “crony capitalistâ€� and observant that “he does not know in his heart a passion of freedom.â€� “He’s a jobs killer,â€� Romney said, never mentioning his Republican rivals for a GOP presidential […]

Doc Holliday’s Dentist Chair Up for Sale in Bankrupt Harrisburg

October 29, 2011

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania’s capital, plans to auction off some-more than 8,000 corpse trimming from 1900s- era rifles to wooden wagons that were meant to be partial of a Wild West museum in a broke city in a Northeast. Representatives of 10 auction houses examined a artifacts yesterday, Robert Philbin, a orator for Mayor Linda Thompson, said. […]

On Obama Turf, A Plea for Clinton Intervention

September 28, 2011

SaboSabo, a self-described libertarian travel artist, intoxicated posters around Los Angeles. LOS ANGELES—As a president’s motorcade whisks him from Los Angeles International Airport to West Hollywood for a initial of dual fund-raisers on Monday night, he might notice signs of dissatisfaction: Posters of Mr. Obama’s secretary of state, Hillary Rodham Clinton, have been intoxicated around […]