Parents: What to Watch Out For during a Dentist

July 15, 2012

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The Center for Public Integrity: Corporate dental bondage see large increase in adults who can't means care

June 26, 2012

Surviving on a scanty $1,300 a month, 87-year-old Theresa Ferritto fretted about a cost when her dentist told her she indispensable dual teeth pulled. She figured an verbal surgeon would be too expensive. So she motionless to try out a dental sequence that promoted high discounts in a advertisements. She went to an Aspen Dental […]

OSC alleges dentist related to $40 million Ponzi scheme

February 27, 2011

Oakville dentist-turned-investment dilettante Peter Sbaraglia. BRETT POPPLEWELL/TORONTO STAR An Oakville dentist allegedly helped run a $40 million Ponzi intrigue that defrauded dozens of investors and used supports for his personal investments, according to a Ontario Securities Commission. Peter Sbaraglia of CO Capital Growth Inc used income his clients approaching would be invested for theirArticle source: […]