PHOTOS, VIDEO: Tripoli falls to Libya rebels

August 22, 2011

By Karin Laub and Ben Hubbard Libyan rebels raced into Tripoli and met small insurgency as Moammar Gadhafi’s defenders melted divided and his 42-year order fast crumbled. The overjoyed fighters distinguished with residents of a collateral in Green Square, a mystic heart of a vanishing regime. Gadhafi’s locale are unknown, yet state TV promote his […]

Guarded by Gaddafi’s men, we usually glance a genuine Libya

March 22, 2011

In any other context a children during Meethaq School would have been simply a best part: bright, accessible and meddlesome in their visitors. Shahad Abdel Hakim, 11, wanted to be a dentist – a renouned contention in Libya by all accounts – when she grew up, as did her crony Asil Adelson, 12. “Today is […]