Little Shop of Horrors to open during Q

October 9, 2012

From a creators of strike Broadway musicals BEAUTY AND THE BEAST and THE LITTLE MERMAID, comes LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS a madcap, delightfully frightful and quirky fun of a musical, opening during Q entertainment from Nov 1. Starring Rima Te Wiata as a voice of Audrey II, Tim Carlsen as Seymour, Colleen Davis as Audrey, […]

Thursday May 3 tickets are $2 off

May 2, 2012

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. – Lookout! Here comes Audrey II !  The strike low-pitched “Little Shop Of Horrors”  perplexed audiences in a opening weekend during a Farmington Players Barn, with a smart-alecky soul-singing plant Audrey II hidden a stage. Audrey II, morphs from a “strange and interesting” square of greenery to a money-making Monster. The puppeteer […]