Rabbi can't utterly save 'Possession'

September 6, 2012

Far higher to final week’s “The Apparition,” “The Possession,” this week’s anniversary horror-movie entry, is from writer Sam Raimi (“The Evil Dead”). The film was shot in Vancouver, has outrageous spoilers in a trailers- and was cursed to sameness a notation a filmmakers motionless on a PG-13 rating. How do we make a complicated day […]

Take Five With Tim Richards

July 19, 2011

Meet Tim Richards: Tim’s initial confront with a piano was during a age of eight, in a dentist’s watchful room. After exemplary piano lessons he taught himself jazz and blues from a age of 14, after saying Thelonious Monk on TV. Since combining a permanent complicated jazz party Spirit Level in Bristol in 1979, he […]

Dentist’s Coup From an Online Match

July 11, 2011

It was sent to me by Karen Allison of Las Vegas (North). She had dignified a declarer play of her partner, Jordan Chodorow of Los Angeles (South), who in May won a Crosswords LA Tournament. After a healthy method to 3 no-trump, West led a fourth-highest solid deuce, that ran around to declarer’s nine. South […]