NYC Dentist, Central Park West Dental Studio, Now Offering $500 Off Dental Implants

December 28, 2012

For a impulse there, we roughly believed it: Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz’s radical resolution for a ongoing mercantile precipice nightmare, and maybe politics entirely, was going to work. Scrawling a vaguely domestic summary on paper cups containing overpriced coffee would broach us from narrow-minded politics, from feud itself. We were going to Come Together™ while […]

Watch What You Eat After Teeth-Whitening, Expert Says

November 20, 2011

SATURDAY, Nov. 19 (HealthDay News) — Eating certain dishes and avoiding others can assistance keep your teeth white after you’ve used an at-home whitening pack or had cosmetic bleaching, an consultant says. “For many people who have had good formula with either dentist-directed or over-the-counter whitening techniques, a significant concern is how to keep a […]

Divorced Families: When divorcing, take caring of yourself

May 23, 2011

<!–Saxotech Paragraph Count: 9–> There is a “motivational poster” featuring a half-sunken boat that missed a channel marker. The print says a purpose of some people’s lives is to offer as a warning to others. When it comes to good health, we suspect we might be one of those ships. But, we still say wish […]

Isthmus Green Day 2011 exhibitors

April 16, 2011

Absolutely Art 2322 Atwood Ave., Madison, WI 53704, 608-249-9100 Community-based art gallery facilities strange excellent art and affordable gifts from some-more than 200 internal artists. BOOTH 106 African Youth Outreach 406 Sethne Court, Monona, WI 53716, 608-843-9255 Nonprofit works to boost recognition of HIV/AIDS by education. Supports women’s empowerment projects and eccentric artisans […]