UK Dentist Struck Off For Offering to Perform Female Genital Mutilation

September 9, 2013

A dentist who offering to perform genital twisting on dual immature girls in a prick by an clandestine contributor has been struck off. Omar Sheikh Mohamed Addow, 56, is a initial dentist to be struck off by a General Dental Council for a crime, that carries a limit 14-year judgment in a UK. The council’s […]

Gene Mueller's Fishing Report

January 12, 2012

Virginia Beach fisherman Gabe Sava shows off a 7½-foot bluefin tuna held recently not distant from a review city. The Washington area has not been as kind to saltwater anglers. (Photo pleasantness Dr. Ken Neill) Facebook Follow @washtimes While Washington-area saltwater anglers are not doing really good tighten to home, a same can’t be pronounced […]

N.J. emissary profession ubiquitous is dismissed after being charged with taxation evasion

April 19, 2011

TRENTON — A New Jersey emissary profession ubiquitous was dismissed final week after he was charged with unwell to compensate some-more than $47,000 in income taxation in New York, officials in both states pronounced Monday night. Richard Schleifer, 58, was one of 9 people arrested on income taxation semblance charges in a statewide prick called […]