Teenager helps worldwide

June 25, 2012

CENTRAL CITY — Dr. John Ahlschwede and his wife, Judy, didn’t have to demeanour distant for proffer staff to turn out their dental group on a lapse goal outing to a plateau of Honduras. Their grandson, Ty Green, had been assisting in a dental bureau in Central City and was doing good work. Green was […]

Health Centers At Schools Get A Funding Boost

March 7, 2012

Under a sovereign health caring law, income is going out around a nation to assistance propagandize campuses boost health services for their students. At Abraham Lincoln High School in Los Angeles students mostly revisit a medium trailer during a behind of a sprawling campus. It’s in a area nearby downtown L.A. where houses are blank […]

Commentary: Sometimes going to a dentist means saying dual dentists

July 27, 2011

For a past month, we have been going to a dentist. No large deal, we say. Well, it is for me. Actually, we have been going to dual dentists. One is a “general” dentist and a other is an endodentist. The former does things like pulling and stuffing teeth. The latter does base canals, reaming […]