Former dentist faces jail for FBI threat

August 25, 2012

A former dentist who believed that Microsoft owner Bill Gates was promulgation brain-damaging “radioactive waves” by his mechanism is seeking for tolerance when he is condemned subsequent week for melancholy to sic a Hells Angels on a FBI representative questioning him. Anthony Dinozzi, 45, a former University of Pittsburgh football actor who used dentistry in […]

Top Dental Professionals Attend a 20011 International Association of Comprehensive Aesthetics (IACA) Sixth Annual …

August 30, 2011

More than half of Muslim-Americans in a new check contend that supervision anti-terrorism policies singular them out for increasing notice and monitoring, and many news increasing cases of name-calling, threats and nuisance by airfield security, law coercion officers and others. Article source:

Cries of support during pro-Gadhafi convene in Tripoli

June 24, 2011

Supporters of Moammar Gadhafi rallied Thursday in Tripoli after a Libyan personality lashed out during NATO over municipal casualties, job a fondness “murderers” following an airstrike on a family home of a tighten associate. A few hundred supporters, many of them women, collected in a capital’s Green Square hours after a late-night speech, vowing to […]