‘Rudolph,’ ‘Charlie Brown,’ and ‘The Grinch’: Will a good American trilogy of Christmas specials work on a newcomer?

December 22, 2012

Image Credit: Classic Media; 1965 United Feature Syndicate; Everett Collection In a pantheon of good Christmas specials — a yuletide-themed adventures trotted out by a networks any year, customarily animated, typically with a thesis strain so iconic that children can sing a lyrics before they learn how to pronounce — 3 titles power supreme. Rudolph […]

Death of longtime Oak Lawn dentist John Green ‘huge loss’ for family, community, dentistry

October 13, 2012

By DONNA VICKROY dvickroy@southtownstar.com October 12, 2012 1:00PM Reprints

The Morning Fix: Ross out of 'Hunger Games' sequel. Spears to 'X Factor'?

April 11, 2012

After a coffee. Before banishment whoever systematic this rain. The Skinny: Malaysia Airlines has stolen my thought to offer kids giveaway flights! Of course, my selling representation would be to offer some family accessible flights that inspire children and afterwards make other flights kid-free. Wednesday’s headlines embody a Disney understanding to assistance China build a […]

So we wish to be a dentist?

March 29, 2012

Ask 10 fifth class boys what they wish to be when they grow adult and during slightest half will contend a veteran athlete. The other half will contend stone star or some other glitzy profession. But a math doesn’t work. There are millions of means football, basketball and ball players though reduction than 1 percent […]

Murder poser play during Newark Library on Saturday

March 7, 2012

The Newark Library will horde an intergalactic murder poser on Saturday, Mar 10, during 7 p.m. The library will open a doors remade into a space vessel, as partial of a environment for a many new murder poser play to be staged during a library. The evening’s play, entitled The Celestial Slayer, will engage internal […]

Thomas P. Connelly, D.D.S.: Flawed: Consumer Review Sites for Dentists and Physicians

December 16, 2011

Did we know that my NYC Cosmetic Dentist use has a 5 star rating?[1] Truthfully, we didn’t know that possibly until we started meditative about and researching today’s blog topic, that is online reviews of dentists. And you’ll substantially be astounded that even yet we have a unequivocally good rating, we consider a complement is […]

1-800-DENTIST® on HBO’s Hit Series True Blood

September 1, 2011

1-800-DENTIST® done a special “guest appearance” on a Aug 21 and 28 episodes of HBO’s Emmy®-nominated TV series, True Blood, as an exhibitor in a stage holding place during a “vampire convention.” The coming was a fun and innovative approach to uncover millions of viewers that a Los Angeles-based dental marketer understands that everyone, including […]

Charlie Day is good during personification a fool

July 8, 2011

The initial stage Charlie Day shot with his costar Jennifer Aniston on a set of a new comedy “Horrible Bosses” compulsory him to stretch out in a dentist’s chair as yet he had been unperceiving while a dark-skinned and frozen actress, dressed in lingerie, straddled him predatorily. “It was awkward,” Day said, recalling a stage […]