Lesser "Hangover" still estimable a second time around

May 28, 2011

By Michael Rechtshaffen LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – Having increased a bar for R-rated comedies with that vast blast of uninformed atmosphere that was 2009’s “The Hangover” — and earning some-more than $467 million worldwide in a routine — it’s distinct that executive Todd Phillips didn’t wish to disaster too most with success. As a […]

The Necessary Pain of Free Trade

May 11, 2011

EU and Free Trade Agreements Countries I am a large believer of giveaway trade.  When people  ask me why, we run out my “free-trade-is –like-going-to-the-dentist” argument.  Politicians and economists sole a open on giveaway trade regulating a “rising waves rises all ships” argument. But that is a half-truth. The rising waves evidence goes like this:  […]