TLC Cuts Into a Wrinkly World of Plastic Surgery in a One-Hour Special, "Plastic Wives," Airing Sunday, Jan …

January 11, 2013

TLC CUTS INTO THE WRINKLY WORLD OF PLASTIC SURGERY In a one-hour special, PLASTIC WIVES, airing Sunday, Jan 27th during 10/9c [Los Angeles, CA] – Beverly Hills is a cutthroat city where girl and resources power autarchic and appearances are everything. To certain women, aging gracefully isn’t an choice – they’ve motionless to salary fight […]

Botox Treatments, Coming to a Dentist’s Office Near You?

March 4, 2011

Dentists are all about creation certain we say a childish smile. So because not chuck some Botox in to a mix, and assistance we embankment those scowl lines while they’re during it? The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports that some dentists have started doing usually that. At slightest half a dozen Twin Cities dentists publicize cosmetic Botox […]