Museum during OHSU's School of Dentistry reveals a story of a science

March 21, 2012

View full sizeAnne Saker/The OregonianPortland dentist Henry Clarke not usually teaches during OHSU’s School of Dentistry, he is a screw of a Dental Museum, a obvious repository of a story of a scholarship and a practicioners.The OHSU Dental Museum is a dental-phobe’s nightmare: Get a bucket of this tooth yanker from a Civil War. Here’s […]

Judge condemns feign dentist Stephen Sicklemore who conned aged patients out of hundreds of thousands by creation …

January 14, 2012

By David Wilkes Last updated during 2:32 AM on 14th Jan 2012 Bogus dentist Stephen Sicklemore arrives during Exeter Crown Court A feign dentist who conned aged patients into profitable adult to £1,400 for wonky sets of fake teeth has been cursed as a scoundrel by a judge.    Stephen Sickelmore, 52, acted as a […]

Indian dentist in wharf for affair

March 17, 2011

Surinder, Nicky London, Mar 15: An Indian dentist in Britain is in a wharf for carrying sex with one of his patients, a critical corruption in this country. Still, Surinder Singh Hundle, 46, substantially would not have captivated most courtesy had he not turn a teenager luminary on television. He used to make unchanging appearances […]