Marathon sparks thought for product

October 11, 2011

HUDSON —  Dentist David F. Paquette will always remember a 2004 Boston Marathon. After using in 90 grade heat, a Southboro proprietor had to be treated with an IV for dehydration. The roughly evident service gave him an idea “Why isn’t there something we can drink?” Dr. Paquette remembered seeking himself. “Why isn’t there something that […]

Musician, Charlie Lustman’s certain opinion helped cancer recovery

July 19, 2011

Charlie Lustman, a singer/songwriter in Los Angeles, afterwards 40, beheld a strike on his jaw in 2005. He asked his dentist what it was. The dentist didn’t know. So he went to see a periodontist, a dentist who treats diseases that conflict a structures ancillary a teeth, such as a gums and a jawbone, who […]